Monday, August 10, 2009


Another tshirt contest , another tshirt design, another waste of time.

The winner of the latest contest will win 15,000 euros. The process for entering is you design, you submit your work and then it gets placed in a voting area where the public can vote, the design with the most votes and feed back, wins. I cant even make the voting stage which leaves me to believe these contests are regulated or controlled to keep with company "standards".


SHORT said...

Hello thanks for your support on lafraise. I had already refused on design "laFraise" me too! on "laFraise" everybody a chance to including you! is a competition and we often work for nothing; is the rule! Don't be discouraged.

kinautta said...

most of my design are refused you know, this is the contest rules... I agree we should have a true observation on why the design is refused but i think it would be too much work. So, let's move on to the next visual! Keep it on, I like your work.